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5. was the most difficult photo I've ever had to take in my career.  

a young man, who lost nearly everything in one day, and touched the hearts of MemPhians when this intimate and heartbreaking photo was shared with the community. I'm opting to keep this photo private, as it is a story that I'd like to revisit. 

4. The career of Barry sanders - Anyone who knows me, knows Barry Sanders must make my list; any list. 

I was recently asked to do an interesting project by an interesting person. 

Here are the five most meaningful photographs/assignments of my career. 

​2. The Tenure of the Core Four - The grizzlies franchise has had ups and downs, but there's been nothing like covering the core four.   

1. Tom Croon - Mr. Croon was fighting to save his Family home, the only home he'd ever known, from demolition For a parking lot.  After Being Featured in the Grand Rapids Press as part of an ongoing long-Term Feature, the city conceded and built the lot around him. This is what journalism is all about. 

3. Miniature horse farm, Hays, Kansas - My most perfect photo, and the photo that i connect the most with emotionally. Quite simply, This photo makes my heart sing.

If i were to choose one photo to be remembered by, without question, this is it.